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September 21, 2012


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Chell died at the end of Portal 2. The turrets shot her and she died instantly without noticing the turrets shooting her, since it happened so fast.
According to Greek Mythology. Heaven is a cornfield. As you rise to heaven, you are accompanied by your friend and hear calming music.
The turrets break into song. Then you get shoved out of a shed into a field of wheat, accompanied by your only friend, the Companion Cube.

Okay, lemme just start off by saying that it could be true. Although Valve have not confirmed this, but it IS a possibility.

Portal 2 already made a Greek Mythology quote, this being said by the 'Different Turret':

"Prometheus was punished by the Gods for giving the gift of knowledge to man. He was cast into the bowels of the earth and pecked by birds."

Prometheus IS indeed a greek god. (To my knowledge.) So, this theory could be true.
If you watch the end of the game, she is shoved into a field of corn/wheat and there is NOTHING in the distance. Nothing. No trees, no landmarks, NOTHING. Which again, supports this theory.

Others would still say, "Oh wait, Wheatley was her friend! Why isnt HE there?"
Greek mythology isnt my strong point, but I can only say, that after what Wheatley did to her, Im sure anyone would no longer consider him as a friend. I know I would hold a loooong grudge against him. And thats coming from a Wheatley fan.

But, others would say "Chell can NEVER die. She is unbeatable." ...Possibly. That might be the case, but one always has a weakness. She could have frozen in shock and the turrets could've shot her right there and then.

The real question is..."Did GLaDOS REALLY delete Caroline?" My opinion...? Yes and no. GLaDOS practically IS Aperture and she controls everything, and I mean. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Im sure it cant be too difficult to delete a little womans voice at the back of your head. Cant be too hard, since Apeture is filled with advanced technology beyond anything we know currently. And, my 'No' opinion, is that if she DID delete Caroline, then she would've killed her.

But THATS where the theory stops, and this one suddenly jumps in.

Valve come up with crazy shit to confuse their fans and practically snort at the thought of our complete and utter confusion of some things. Im sure this theory has been discussed in the Steam community online, but I'm not sure.

It could be true. If it was, I would be depressed forever. Mostly because Wheatley would've not been able to say Sorry before she died, and she died HATING him...And its also sad, because Chell NEVER saw the outside world, never even got to breath REAL oxygen. Its a depressing theory and I hope its NOT true. But maybe the fans are over-thinking things. I hope Valve tell us the truth of this theory one day, because I have mixed feelings about this theory.

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haromiataru Apr 5, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
So there's a lot of doubt that glados would put turrets there to kill her, but then the theory came up that glados killed her intentionally to save her from any more sadness, or that the truth of the outside world is too harsh for Chell, and she would die on her own. So glados killed her intentionally so she didn't have to suffer, and it makes the whole thing infinitely more depressing.
(srry if this was already posted, i wasnt going to read thru all the comments) in the co-op section of the game, in the DLC, wen something is messing with the facility, GLaDOS thinks 'she' is back, obviously referring to chell...why would GLaDOS be afraid of someone if she killed them?
Valve planned to have another character,instead of chell, I'm portal 2. But pulled her out in the last minute,after play testers where frustrated with GLaDoS not addressing them as chell. So,in theory,it could be her.

It's been one year, Half life 3 has been hinted to be announced next year, in space.

Nothing about Portal 3, but I would guess, if it's being developed at all, that it would come out slightly a half year after Half life 3.

And I'm having a hard time thinking that GlaDOS would kill her with the Turrets, as she actually saved her, from flying out into Space, with Wheatley.

I mean, why would she have saved her, if she planned on killing her, after introducing her 'replacement' (Alpha + P body)?


duuu! because she hadent deleted caroline up until that very last second where she changed her mind and killed her
Few things are wrong with this theory...

First of them is that you don't know greek mythology...if you knew you would know that even half-gods like Achilles went to underworld after death.
Also the underworld is the only afterlife, all of it is grim and dull. No cornfields (hey, corn is an american plant -> it got to europe only after europeans found America), no wheatfields (Someone mentioned gladiator walking through wheatfield...the thing is, he was going home to his family in his home he head wheatfield. That's why wheatfield.)

About the no landmarks part: it's the same universe as Half-life is in. There's this thing about Half-life's story events most likely destroying anything standing all around -> no landmarks anywhere.

Why didn't Valve set a clear ending? Well...they did. Chell escaped aperture, she is alive, she has portal gun and a companion cube. Only thing that is unknown is that we don't know where she is. Well, that's how I like my awaiting new chapters in whatever: Two parts of knowledge, one part of mistery.
While it wasn't a corn field, there is an area similar in greek mythology: Asphodel Meadows, where souls who were not either good enough to get to the Elysian Fields, nor bad enough to deserve the Fields of Punishment. It was a field of white asphodel flowers, where souls did nothing for eternity
PandoraThePirate Jun 10, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks for your input, I was merely discussing the theory <3 In all honesty; it would suck if Valve killed Chell off.
Yes, it's also true that I am rusty on Greek Mythology, but in most theories of the after life it is discussed that the after life is in a Wheat field where you walk forever and ever, this would be known as limbo, no beginning nor end.

Yes, but Portal 1 and Portal 2 are set 50,000 apart from each other, so there would be time for buildings to corrode and eventually turn into nothing. Although these universes are the same, the games are not set on the same part of the timeline, and who knows? Maybe there is an apocalypse? Maybe Chell is the last being on earth (apart from all the subjects in Aperture of course.)

Chell will not survive on her own. It is like capturing a horse and keeping it in captivity for years, and it will be relying on the person who captured it to feed, clean and care for it. Then, if you suddenly put this horse back into the wild, it will have no idea how to fend for itself. Now, if Chell was captured as a Child, there would be no way for her to survive. She would likely die of starvation (if the world did 'end') or she would go back to the facility begging for GLaDOS to let her back in, which will not happen. Maybe the world didn't 'end' and Chell is safe.
It is obvious Valve will not be admitting to anything anytime soon, the the only thing we could do is wait.
False, listen to the lyric of the song, Glados is calling Chell her daugther and wishing her to go far away from science (meaning Aperture science). If you listen to the lyrics, which is in latin but there are plenty who can translate you will know that it anything but meaningless calming music
PandoraThePirate Jun 2, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I think we all know about that by now :I Even I know. But, it's a song from a mother to her child, a rather calming context. I would say that a mother singing to her child is the most calming thing to ever hear, especially since Chell has been deemed an orphan the entire time, I can only imagine how uplifting it must feel to finally be sung to by your mother. I would say it's calming music, and most latin music is very beautiful.
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