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Angel by PandoraThePirate
Mature content
Angel :iconpandorathepirate:PandoraThePirate 2 0
I'm Radioactive by PandoraThePirate I'm Radioactive :iconpandorathepirate:PandoraThePirate 6 2 dA ID 2013 by PandoraThePirate dA ID 2013 :iconpandorathepirate:PandoraThePirate 3 0 Cyborg by PandoraThePirate Cyborg :iconpandorathepirate:PandoraThePirate 1 0 Force by PandoraThePirate Force :iconpandorathepirate:PandoraThePirate 0 0
Mature content
Zombie (Oneshot) :iconpandorathepirate:PandoraThePirate 0 0
England by PandoraThePirate England :iconpandorathepirate:PandoraThePirate 7 6 Captivity by PandoraThePirate Captivity :iconpandorathepirate:PandoraThePirate 2 0 Adventures of Ellen 'Really?' by PandoraThePirate Adventures of Ellen 'Really?' :iconpandorathepirate:PandoraThePirate 0 6
Novel opening (Portal Oneshot) 1st Draft
Oh Full of Scorpions is my mind. Novel Opening.
A flash of light flickered through the grey miserable sky: an angry rumble of thunder followed shortly and echoed across the field’s then rain started to fall from the sky; the soft ground started to fill with puddles. The weather really made it feel like the autumn closing towards the winter; the trees around the fields were bare and the leaves had been stripped of the branches. The golden leaves that were on the ground had now been soaked with rain, they now resembled a muddy brown colour.
As the rain became more intense, so did the speed of the rain drops. The first raindrop that fell from the sky started to pick up speed it started falling to the ground quicker than the others, as it approached the ground it came into contact with a young woman’s nose. The woman tilted her head back to look up at the grey sky with her pale, icy blue eyes. She quickly looked back down, her night black hair that was tied back flicked to the
:iconpandorathepirate:PandoraThePirate 0 0
Chelley Fanfiction Part 2 (Chap 2)
Wheatley woke up, lying in the grass with Chell. As far as he was concerned, it was still night time, he remembered some humans calling it the 'Witching Hour' or...something like that. It confused him, to why they called it that. There were no witches about and the time frame wasn't very specific. His eyes studied the sky, it was a dark blue, close to black, and there were millions...No, trillions of stars. They all gleamed in their own special way. All were shapes of different things if he inspected closer, and even one star gleamed a slight orange, maybe red.
Then...He began to remember, space. Space. That awful, mind-boggingly huge place... He was grateful that Chell had the kindness to even forgive his monstrous actions, because, if she didn't, he would rather be up in space suffering. He tried to count the stars, but found there were way to many, but his human mind had some knowledge of stars. He began mumbling to himself the constellations.
"Mmm...Big dipper. Spot on, Wheatley."
:iconpandorathepirate:PandoraThePirate 5 8
Morning (Paranormal Story)
Our home was originally a bungalow, I remember when we went to go and look around the house for the first time. We still live in the house today, it's an okay house, I personally don't like the atmosphere...
After a few years of my father rebuilding the house, he made the attic into a second floor. When I came home from school I looked up and saw a hole in the ceiling with a ladder leading up to it, I called for my dad and he called back to me, asking to come up and look at my future room. I never liked climbing unstable ladders, especially metal ones. But, nonetheless, I climbed up the ladder. The sight was wonderful, and the room smelt of newly applied paint, it was exciting to have a room to myself.
After a few years, my room was quite small and cramped, but I didn't mind. My previous room was very small, I could barely fit the bed in the room.
Now, I can't remember when this took place exactly, but, it scared the crap out of me. I must have been 8 or 10, that is my estimate. I coul
:iconpandorathepirate:PandoraThePirate 1 0
For raintalker by PandoraThePirate For raintalker :iconpandorathepirate:PandoraThePirate 10 3 Blocky Sunset by PandoraThePirate Blocky Sunset :iconpandorathepirate:PandoraThePirate 1 5 Minecraft Moon by PandoraThePirate Minecraft Moon :iconpandorathepirate:PandoraThePirate 1 5
Medicine (Paranormal Experience 1)
I was always quiet when I was younger. I loved solitude, and I loved the sound of silence. I think I had something called 'Aphasia', I wasn't able to speak until I was 5. I may be incorrect but I think that's what I had. Anyway, I was always attached to books, I always loved a good story. I would sometimes hear my older brother talking about something strange, something unknown and scary. He called them 'Ghosts'.
One of my experiences with Ghosts, was one that I had recently remembered among discussing my favourite holiday spot. Even writing this and remembering it still leaves me confused,
and paranoid.
My age for this particular event is currently unknown, but I guess I was maybe 9 or 10. It was in Florida, Orlando. We usually rent a villa for 2 weeks or so, and spend the time going to water parks, Universal Studios and just having fun in the pool. We were there with my family, including my aunty, uncle and 2 cousins.
Before I get into this, may I just say, I hate that awful screechi
:iconpandorathepirate:PandoraThePirate 2 12


I suppose I had a good run on this website, but I think it's time for me to move on to better things. I've had a rough two years, and I'm now seeing a counsellor because of what I have experienced and felt throughout this time. I was bullied and abused for quite a while, and I need to move on with my life. My first step is removing myself from this website that holds too many bad memories. I'm not great at drawing. I realise that now. I'm only good enough at writing, and that is what I now strive for in life.

But, I am not taking this down. My Chelly Fanfic that I wrote a while back is getting lots of favourites and comments, so I have decided to leave all of my stuff here for others to come along and enjoy whatever remains of it.

So, here it is.

Goodbye to everyone that stuck around for my bullshit. Thank you all for following me and being supportive.

Goodbye, DeviantART. 


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